Roblox Stock Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040, 2050, 2060


The value of Roblox stock has decreased by 40% from its all-time high due to several factors, including an increase in the yield on US Treasury bonds and concerns about inflation. This has led to a reduction in the valuation of high-risk stocks, including Roblox. Additionally, the company is facing tough competition and the pandemic tailwind that previously boosted its productivity is slowing down. We will look at the latest Roblox Stock Price Prediction to determine potential future outcomes.

Roblox is a popular gaming platform that allows users to create and share their own games with a large community. The company went public in March 2021 and has experienced significant growth in its user base and revenue. However, recent market conditions and increasing competition have led to a decline in its stock price. In addition to the factors mentioned earlier, it also faces regulatory risks, particularly regarding the safety and privacy of its users, which could lead to potential legal liabilities and damage to its reputation.

Despite these challenges, some analysts remain optimistic about its long-term prospects, citing its loyal user base, innovative platform, and potential for expansion into new markets. However, others caution that the company’s current valuation may be too high and that it may face challenges in maintaining its growth trajectory.

Overall, the future performance of Roblox Stock Prediction is uncertain, and investors should carefully consider both the risks and potential rewards before making any investment decisions.

History of Roblox Stock

It had a successful first day of trading in March 2021, with investors driving the company’s market value to about $40 billion. However, since then, the stock price has been on a rollercoaster journey, reaching a market cap of around $80 billion in November 2021, but falling below $30 billion recently. This decline can be attributed to several factors, including a general decrease in technology stocks, a larger-than-expected loss in Q4 2021, and concerns about the ongoing impact of the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic initially provided a boost to Roblox’s business, as more people turned to online gaming and virtual entertainment during lockdowns. However, as vaccination rates have increased and restrictions have eased in many parts of the world, the company is facing increased competition and a potential slowdown in user growth. Moreover, Roblox has faced criticism and regulatory scrutiny over its safety policies and the potential for inappropriate content on its platform.

The company has taken steps to address these concerns, but the risk of legal liabilities and damage to its reputation remains a concern for investors. Despite these challenges, some analysts believe that Roblox has a bright future ahead, thanks to its innovative platform and strong user base. The company has also announced plans to expand into new markets, such as China and the education sector, which could provide additional growth opportunities. Overall, the future of Roblox’s stock price remains uncertain, and investors should carefully evaluate the risks and potential rewards before making any investment decisions.

Roblox Stock Price Prediction (2023-2060)

YearMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
Roblox Stock Price Prediction & Forecast

Roblox Stock Price Prediction 2023

According to some predictions, Roblox’s stock price may increase and reach $38 by 2023, with the lowest possible price of $34 and a highest possible price of $36. This suggests that the average cost of Roblox in 2023 could be around $34 and that the stock may continue to perform well in the future.

2023$34 Low$36 Medium$38 High
2023 Roblox Stock Prediction.

Roblox Stock Price Prediction 2024

At the beginning of January 2023, the price of RBLX stock was $28.700 and has been consistently decreasing over the past year. Our website uses a special algorithm based on Deep Learning to help users determine whether RBLX is a good investment for their portfolio. This algorithm considers factors such as changes in volume and price, market cycles, and similar stocks. Based on our predictions, we expect the stock price to increase to $45 in one year, which is a gain of 45.818%. This suggests that if you invest $100 now, you could potentially have $145.818 on January 5, 2024, when you sell the stock. Since it is easier to trade in a bullish market, investing in RBLX stock may be a wise choice to add to your portfolio.

2024 Roblox Stock Prediction.
Roblox Stock Prediction Graph

Roblox Stock Price Prediction 2025

Roblox relies heavily on cloud infrastructure, which it needs to expand in a healthy and sustainable way. This means they will have to spend money to get more cloud infrastructure. However, this could become more expensive in the future due to increased demand from other businesses moving to the cloud. Despite this, we predict that by the end of 2025, the value of a single share of RBLX may reach $53.

2025$48 Low$51 Medium$53 High
2025 Roblox Stock Prediction.

Roblox Stock Price Prediction 2030

Predicting the value of a stock over a long period of time can be difficult. For Roblox stock, we believe there may be a significant price shift by the year 2030. Our hypothesis suggests that the price may increase to as high as $61.50 or decrease to a low of $57.35. We cannot guarantee the price will be higher than $61.50, but we expect the average to be around $59.

2030$57.35 Low$59 Medium$61.50 High
2030 Roblox Stock Prediction.

Roblox Stock Price Prediction 2035

In 2035, it is anticipated that the value of RBLX will fluctuate between a high of $69 and a low of $64, with the average price expected to be around $67.

2035$64 Low$67 Medium$69 High
2035 Roblox Stock Prediction.

Roblox Stock Price Prediction 2040

It is projected that the value of RBLX may rise to $78 by the year 2040, with a possible low of $72. The average cost per share of Roblox stock in 2040 is estimated to be around $75.

2040$72 Low$75 Medium$78 High
2024 Roblox Stock Prediction.
Roblox Stock Prediction Pie Chart

Roblox Stock Price Prediction 2050

When considering the stock price of Roblox in 2050, there will be a significant range of possible values. The lowest estimated price could be $80.30, while the highest predicted price might be $85.50. As a result, the yearly average may be around $83.

2050$80.30 Low$83 Medium$85.50 High
2050 Roblox Stock Prediction.

Roblox Stock Price Prediction 2060

Based on the provided data, it appears that there may be a surge in the value of Roblox in 2060, with a projected low price of $91 and a high of $98. The average cost per share during this time is anticipated to be around $93. This suggests the possibility of a bullish trend for Roblox in 2060.

2060$91 Low$93 Medium$98 High
2060 Roblox Stock Prediction.


For conservative investors looking for a stable and consistent company to invest in, Roblox may not be the best choice as it is currently not profitable and operates in a relatively new and uncertain market. Therefore, it may be best to avoid investing in this stock at present. However, for investors willing to take on more risk and potential losses, Roblox could be a reasonable investment option as it provides exposure to the metaverse sector. It is advisable to begin investing in Roblox gradually with a small initial investment and gradually increase holdings based on favorable market conditions or the company’s execution.

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1. Is Roblox a Good Stock to Buy?

The recent progress of Roblox’s business, which has become profitable and has no long-term debt, makes it a promising investment opportunity for potential buyers. However, it is important for investors to monitor the company’s performance over the next few quarters, as any indication of slower or negative growth could result in a significant decrease in the company’s value.

2. What Was the All-Time High for Roblox Stock?

Roblox’s stock reached an unprecedented high on November 19, 2021, closing at a price of $134.72. However, at present, the stock is trading 212.7% below its 52-week high.

3. Is the Roblox Stock a Buy, Sell, or Hold?

Based on the analysis of experts, the current recommendation for Roblox stock is a “Hold.” The consensus ratings also suggest a hold position.


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